Do you think he still has feelings for me or am I getting the run around?

My ex bf and I were together for a yr and he tried for a whole year just to convince me to be together since him and I were complete opposites, but I gave him a chance. However, we broke up because he feels I betrayed his trust. Now, it's been 5 mths since we broke up. However, when we are around each other he will hug me kiss me and for Christmas he gave me a gift that I had told him I wanted when we were dating. I didn't even think he wld remember. Although he doesn't spend as much time with me hanging out he does text me on his own, he does still kiss me. I've asked about us and he says he's not ready for a relationship i ask is it with me or in general he says in general. I've heard before not to question him about a relationship he has his reasons which he will not discuss and to leave it as is. When we do hang out though it feels so much like we are together he will look at me and smile, kiss my forehead etc. I dnt want to feel used but I don't know what's going on. I love him very much and if even after our break up we haven't fully left each other shows me something has to be there but I don't know i dnt want to be used. . does he care? What's going on?


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  • Definitely still likes you. No doubt. He is acting like you are still in a relationship. I almost want to say he's not using you cause it's not really a friend's with benefits situation. Kinda sounds like you still like him since you let all that stuff happen with a guy you aren't dating, so you might as well pursue him if he is treating you right. If you want it to stop, send the message. This can be directly or by getting a short fling to say you're over it.

    • Great advice thank you sweetheart... yeah a lot of people who see us tell us we need to get together already but of course it's not me it's him. I guess sometimes I panic and ask him about "us" because I worry what if he finds somebody and leaves me so I try to show him I'm around but people also tell me not to seem so vulnerable because he knows he can have me.. other people say dnt be so distant because that only shows your not as interested

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