If your ex seems to not know what he wants but does still show signs he's interested is it best to distance yourself or show your around?

Some people say being distant will make a person see what they are missing out on others say that is dumb to do and will only cause more distance.. what do you feel is better and why?
  • continue to show you are there so you can grow
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  • leave him alone to make him miss you
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  • Im in this situation right now, and I feel it is best to let your ex go! There are so many more people to meet in this world and what if you get back with your ex instead of the one coming into your life. If your ex is your soulmate then it will happen eventually

    • I feel my ex is my soul mate one day I saw him and I said to myself "he's going to be my husband" and I've never felt like this about anyone before.. we never fully have let each other go but he feels I betrayed his trust.. one time we broke up for 2 weeks and he told me "when we broke up you didn't even try to make it work" and those words haunt me now but the reason why I did what I did was jst to give him time

    • I can never trust a guy that blames something on a girl, thats lame of him to say "when we broke up you didn't even try to make it work." he's putting all the blame on you and in return its haunting you, not nice! If he genuinely wanted you back he would have gotten you back, he probably knew you well enough to know exactly what to do to get you to stay. If he honest to God wants you back, hell make it happen

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  • i'm doing that, i've blocked him, but plan on calling him at some point. its so hard. i broke it off but i don't think it was the right thing to do anymore.

    • So how long has it been since you'll broke up? I bet it's hard not txting or calling him. . and he hasn't even tried? by the way who broke up with who?

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    • Reminds me a lot of my situation except I don't work with my ex, that would be hard. It sounds like we're both caught between confused men.

    • Yes it is so hard when he works with me because when we first broke up i remember crying all the time n i wld see him and he was all smiles making jokes and he wld tell me to stop crying i wld be like you think I want to be like this? people wld tell me dnt show him your crying because that makes him feel better to know your after him. Overall, if I feel like crying i go to the restroom or walk around until I cool down

  • Going through now tricky

    • Ugh tell me about it.. it sure is.. my heart tells me if you distant yourself your only going to make him see you didn't really love him but my mind says how does he know what he's missing when your always around

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