If a guy comes back after months?

if a guy that you had quite a complicated but loving thing with (never quite defined) comes back, like calling weekly (not picking up though) what do they USUALLY want? as in their usual intentions. ended pretty heated so I'm not surprised he's calling after a while, I told him not to call me again, even though I didn't mean it when I said it.
  • mostly just sex nothing more
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  • want to try again, miss you
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  • combination of sex and missing you
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  • just bored
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we had a really good thing together and he was really caring and respectful of me, things just got complicated at the end and I had to move away for a while for school?
if you block them on your phone but they know your house number does that still count as them not reaching out or are they just understanding me saying I don't want to talk and they're blocked on my cell?


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  • I chose C just to see what the results were.

    • uh thanks, helpful...

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    • You got back together and how did it end?

    • We didn't get back together. We weren't a couple yet, but we had all the benefits of a couple and acted as one. things have ended pretty rough. It's a long story but basically there was a misunderstanding and he won't believe me when I say I have learned my lesson and so he told me to just leave him alone so that's what I am going to do from now on. I have tried to win him back and I have tried fighting for him and for us but he just won't give me another chance. So that's how that is ending :/

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