He asked if I was still mad after we broke up. Ad he's the reason we're not together?

He said he loves me but was an ass, made me loose confidence in myself, he said other girls were sexier than me, asking if I wanted threesomes.
So I broke up with him... and now a week later he asked if I was still mad.

Why would he ask that? I wanted to punch him.


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  • he wants back... why do you care if you were that mad at him?

    • I wasn't mad... I was more hurt than mad.

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    • I wouldn't take him back. He hurt me more than once. I forgave him too many times and I don't want him to hurt me anymore.

    • and youd be right... cause if you forgive hundred more times youd break up again and youd be wasting your precious life... so point being... dont give fuck what he is sending you... he knows he can get away with whatever he does since you never actually leave him... if your fed up then put an end to it... if not keep going till your done with this dick...

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