Why is my ex doing this after he said?

My boyfriend broke up with me on Christmas eve, while in the process of breaking up he said we can't be friends, he will not talk to me unless were at church and that's it. His reasoning for that was because he cares too much about me. In order for myself to not talk to him, I deleted his number and snapchat. I went back to my home town because I needed to get over this break up. I add snapchats to my story daily and he looks at everyone of them. Why is he doing this when he's the one who said he didn't want to be friends? Is this his way to keep tabs on me? Thank you!


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  • I can understand why he would say he wouldn't want to be friends and I can understand why he would look at your snaps on snapchat.. What I don't understand is why he broke up with you in the first place.

    • Because he said he has never trusted me through out our relationship. He was emotionally and verbally abusing me. He was trying to make me go get a psych evaluation. On Christmas Eve I was irritable because he was being immature. He told me to get dressed up which I spent two hours doing and he then tried to mark my face with a sharpie, after I told him to stop doing that he yelled at me and told me to take my pill. I didn't want to because I was fine and he told me to get out and threw the pill at me. Later that day, this guy I had a thing with months before my boyfriend was at the store and texted me. I read every message he sent to me and I sent to him except for the last one where I paraphrased and told him he said I could keep his stuff. My boyfriend didn't like that, and how I deleted the conversation instead of replying back what my boyfriend wanted me to. He then screamed and yelled at me to get the fuck out of the car, get the fuck out of his face and when we got back

    • To his house to leave and he would have his mom kick me out if need be. I went ge and a few hours later he called me and said I was a lying cheating bitch and he was breaking up with me.

    • Okay, well, first of all.. You should be glad he left you. As for the keeping close tabs on you with checking your snaps.. He clearly still has feelings for you, but at the same time, he's probably trying to see if you're off with another guy. Which is none of his business, but he's probably doing that so he can justify his actions. He would then probably think. "I bet she was with this guy while with me... I knew she was a lying cheating bitch." and then if you guys get into an argument in the future he would try and use that against you. Even if you never cheated on him, and that new guy could just be someone that is just a friend that you're not attracted too at all. That won't be how he sees it. So, If i were you.. I'd find a way to prevent him from even seeing your snaps on snapchat if that is at all possible.

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