Can't forget my Ex-memories-to MOve on?

I nt have as such break-up wih my ex... he got married and still we talk... still ask me to meet him personally.. i never met him n ignore by excuses.. i dnt want to meet.. i tried to forget all time spent good n Bad... But still got tense why he left me... to meet me by excuse , he use to say his wife n he nt have good relation.. so i should hold n meet him... but i ignore. I trie i ivert my min in so many things.. still sits ieal and min goes in him only... nt feel like motivate to go for any relation and mingle with people.. bcoz of bad experience in past.. pls suggest me.


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  • You don't try to forget or move on you just keep socializing and pressing on anyway. You are alive. You won't stop being alive because he is gone but you also won't stop aging because you are sad either.

  • You're too alone, so you don't have any distractions to forget your ex. Go do some hobbies and hang out with friends.


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