Why does my ex boyfriend leave pictures of us up on Facebook?

He was always proud to show me off. He kept all the pictures of us tagged on Facebook and I know he does use Facebook.


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  • My ex left me last month, and I still kept all the pics I posted on Insta. I don't care if I leave them on there, she was my ex gf, and I still love her she was a part of my life. If I get in another relationship then I will erase them, so I don't make my new gf uncomfortable.


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  • Only petty people delete pictures lol who else would go through that trouble. Like we're not together so I'm gonna erase you from my life lol

    • I erased him. I don't want guys thinking I am in a relationship. These were recent pics.

    • I don't delete pictures lol what's the use? Everybody knows You were together at some point.

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  • You're like, a gold medal he won in a super hard videogame that he beat.

    But for some reason, he deleted his game file and now, screenshots of the medal is all he's got to show that he did win you a long time ago...



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