He sent me a message immediately to say he will be always there anytime I need him. Part 3

I went to Canada after the course finished. I met his kids and we like each other. Everything seems goes well. But after few days I felt a bit distance there. I got confused. So I confronted him to ask what happened. He told me that he doesn’t know why his feeling is gone. It is very new and kind of shock for him to have a woman here 24/7. He felt we like married couple. I didn’t expect to hear this as I thought he commit to the relationship. We didn’t discuss any further. Just after one day his feeling came back and I can tell immediately. So we have a good time again. I prepared a Birthday Party for him which he is really appreciated it. He brought me to his and his brother’s island for a week. We did lots thing together and had lots of fun. I almost met all his family apart from his parents. They all like me very much and he was proud of it. Thing still goes to the bad side. I need to plan a date to go back to UK so I discuss with him about it. He wants me to leave earlier. He told me he has to be honest to me the passionate love is still not enough for him, and the feeling always comes and goes. He doesn’t know why but he can’t have a marriage without enough passionate love. It is unfair for both of us. We lived together for a moth and he though this maybe ruin his feeling, but he is not sure. I was so upset and sad and begged him not to through what we had so easily. We are good match in lots of ways. He agrees with that but he has issue about the physical part. Finally we both agreed to give a week to make a finally decision.

I came back to UK after this kind of break up. We still talk on the phone every day but the feeling was totally different. So I forced him to give the final answer. He told me the decision he had now is we should break up but he wants us still be friend at very least. I ask him is there any chance for us to get back together he said we never know what future holds but he doesn’t want to give me any false hope. I was so hurt when I hear the final answer and feel desperate. He still sends me instant messages everyday after we broke up and sometime we talk on the phone as well. This behavior confused me, which made me think he wants me back. So I called him and ask him is there any chance and his answer is no. So I told him I don’t want to contact him again. He said he doesn’t think it will happen and he hopes me to calm down and if the next day I still think in the same way then it is fine. I told him I won’t contact him again then I hanged up. He sent me a message immediately to say he will be always there anytime I need him. I called him back after few minutes and told him it is impossible to not contact him it will break my heart. The truth is from the next day I didn’t contact him at all. He wrote me an email after fews day and told me it is strange feeling didn’t speak to me. I didn’t respond at all.
He sent me a message immediately to say he will be always there anytime I need him. Part 3
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