Am I doing too much? And do we still have a chance?

Long story short, my ex got back with me after chasing me and apologizing for the break up. I gave him a second chance. And here's the not so good part. My ex flirts and is very friendly. Of course I get jealous get mad and even blow up his phone with texts and calls.. He said he was done with me then the next day hmu and we both act is if that argument never happened. So he ends up calling some girl bae for no reason she's not even pretty and I will admit of she is.. She even said she thought he was gay.. But anyways he does that flirting stupid shit again I blow him up non stop then he says again he's done with me because I nag and I'm insecure.. If I am it's because he need to appreciate what he got now and atlest talk not be friendly. Besides the flirting he's a good guy treats me right but that flirting and being friendly isn't good. So two days have passed and I call and text him to apologize for nagging and blowing his phone up with so many calls and texts. His brother picked up and said bye doing petty BS.. So I ended up texting him I apologize for my wrongs and just kinda pouring my heart out and saying I'm done good luck with life happy new year.. Too much right? But he came back twice and I'm sure he'll come back again but he need to stop being "done" over petty stuff guys flirt with me and I might be nice back it's okay to be nice but don't get big headed... He's an athlet so I kind a get it but he begged his way and proved to be with me again.. Do we have a fighting chance again? Cause I'm definitely about to go on chill mode


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  • i think its over but you're teaching him its ok to do the things he does by being with him

    • i just realized no one is answering you. i think the answer is pretty obvious thats why

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