Does my ex seem depressed?

Okay so me & my ex split up about a month ago. He ended it with me. It wasn't the best of break ups. Since then he's changed completely. Why he posts & flaunts how happy he is in his life with his new rebound (he flaunts it soo bad it's obvious what he's doing) I've noticed some things that make me worry about him.

He's quit the gym, something that striked me as odd he used to go all the time & was part of his daily routine as he wanted to get more into shape for his love of football which brings me to the next weird thing. His love is football & he would always be tweeting or posting something about football, now he doesn't. He seems with drawled from all the things he loves & I know I shouldn't care he's my ex blah, blah.

But you don't stop caring for someone you love that easily. I have moved on with my life & I am dating someone who I like but I can't shake this from my head, he's had depression before, anxiety, insecure. He has a major problem with his heart and can die at any second so I guess I always worry about his health. Anyone share some light?


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  • You should go to talk not as an "ex" even though u are but as a friend who cares


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