Why does my best friend keep calling me about her ex boyfriend?

I just got a call from her at 7:55 am. She called me like four times yesterday. The first time she asked me if I can call her boyfriend of eight months to get some answers but he just keeps lying and lying. Then the fourth time she called, she was crying and he broke my friend's heart and we ended up being on the phone for three hours. She didn't cry the whole time. She said she doesn't care anymore about him. I didn't even pur down my phone all day yesterday and never got things done. Now she called me an hour ago wanting me ti call her and she said that her ex is ignoring her and all that. I thought she said she didn't care so why did she call me? I just want a break from my phone. I'm off until Wednesday. I understand she's my best friend in all but I don't want to be on the phone all day like I was yesterday and I NEED A BREAK FROM MY PHONE. Man sometimes friendships are so hard.


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  • You are venting. We do not care about your situation so post his to your profile and we all win.


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  • She's probably not over him and she needs a friend to talk to. I know it's annoying for someone to call a couple of times but really she needs a friend. Just call her back and just talk to her. You're her best friend and best friends are supposed to talk on the phone all the time. Just pick up the phone and listen to her and give her good advice. Sounds like you're a good listener and that's why she's always calling you.


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