I guess I can't move on... any tips?

(english is not my native language so, sorry for any mistakes)
I know this girl for like 5/6 years and i think I've been in love with her since the day i met her. We met in High School, i thought we were on the same page but she ended up friendzoning me. So, 2 years later, (note: in the time past we never talked and i found out that she dated 1 guy and he was the classic scumbag that gives no shit about what girl feel, etc. You know what im talking about, we all know a guy like this) we were both in Senior year and she texts me a really long mensage saying that she was sorry for not giving me a chance and for not seeing a was a good guy for her. I was still in love with her so we just talked again and we start dating at that summer. It was really great, i mean, i waited so long and i finally have this perfect girl. Summer ends and we go to different college (mine is in located in south of my country and hers is in capital) we knew it was gonna be hard because of the long distance, but i didn't give up on her. I visited her one time, we could see each other in our hometown at weekends, but it wasn't good enough for her i guess. She broke up with me because "she didn't belive in long relantionships". Im currently in 2nd year of college and i've never dated anyone since. (i think she's dating someone right now, not sure) I think I've totaly got over her but everytime i see a pic or something related to her on my Facebook or instagram or w/e, i get so sad, feels like i got hit by a truck or something and i dont know why. I've been talking to a girl (shes from my college) and i know she finds me cute (shes a big friend of my best friend) and i think she's very cute aswell but i can't move on and try something with this new girl because of this "old girl". I wanna move on with my life and feels like this "old girl" is always coming to my mind and keeps blocking me...
What should i do?


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  • Distance fucked up my last relation, and also everything i see reminds me of him. Its really hard, but move on.

  • What you should of done from the beginning. You need to unfriendly her and remove her from any social networking you are on. That way you don't have to see any of her posts or pictures. Delete her number from your phone and start casually dating someone new. Go on a few dates with a girl you don't know just so you'll have someone else on your mind. Once you stopped thinking about your ex so much you should take a step forward and start looking for a serious relationship with someone else if you're ready. The best way to get rid of someone is to cut them off and move on. It sounds cruel but she obviously doesn't care for you so you need to step up and start not caring for her either.


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