Once a cheater, always a cheater? Did I dodge a bullet?

I have been struggling with getting over my ex. I feel I lost a really great person. I didn't give her an indication on the future and she started to lose hope in us. She gave up trying and was ready to move on.

I noticed she was distant, taking pictures of herself, being on her phone a lot, and staying late at work. I found out she was cheating on me with a guy.

We broke up a bit later. She just didn't see the ship turning around...

5 months later it's still struggle for me. I am dating, but feeling like I won't find someone like her.


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  • Nah, i think it depends on the person. However, i will never come back with a guy who cheated on me.

    • From a girl's point of view. I wonder, had I done the little effort she said or given her some validation of the future, she likely would never have cheated.

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    • Of course you will, how can that even be a question in your mind :)

    • Aww you are so cute hahah

  • There's two kinds. The kind that cheat no matter how good the relationship is. Only the right person can make them change some never meet that person. Then you have the kind that cheat because something is missing from the relationship and someone comes along and gives them whatever was missing.

    • Take the latter case. Something was missing from the relationship. Does that mean if we were married and we had problems she would cheat?

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    • While we had our problems and I knew the ship was going to crash, I was extremely terrified. After the break up, it was such a bitter last end for no reason whatsoever that I just didn't focus and dwell on it. I guess with the holidays around, we had things we did together that made it hurt for me. I'm staying away from music as too many songs remind me of her or songs we would listen to together late at night and talk.

      I am trying to just focus on myself and finding what makes me happy. I thought going out and doing things would fill voids and what not, but I feel like it just puts how I feel aside rather than addresses it. Sometimes there is joy being alone, but not sure me being alone right now is good for me.

    • I live in our apartment, so I think a lot of things we used to do together I am doing by myself. Or things that were hers are now mine. I just happen to be feeling low right now on this... but maybe it is something I have always had and needed to fill.

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