0-100 real quick... why did we breakup?

So last night I had a party and my bf showed up we drank played dominos n sobered up, went to bed while me & him were laying there making out he kept telling he wants me to have his baby and that he's so in love with me & that sometimes he wonders if ourkid would have blue eyes like me... i toldhim i loved him more than anything but that he's told me in the past he's not ready & that I respect his feelings & I don't want to trap him I want us to build a life together (he's 23 by the way ) and so the next morning he kept saying the same thing but I made him pullout... then later in the day he's like freaking bad "I can't have a kid I was being crazy, when I'm around you I act stupid you better not get pregnant"... I was like 'baby calm down I love you I have your back I'd never do that to you that's why I always try to have protection'... we kissed made up.. he went to work texted me on break saying he wants distance from me & that he's tryna get his life together can't keep fuckingup with me... WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO WRONG? SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN?


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  • You're a great person. He is an ass. You did nothing wrong and are better off and the best.

    • 4 years of my life.. gone.. he is an ass

What Girls Said 1

  • SCREW that. You did nothing wrong, he just sounds like a jerk. Give him the distance, whatever, and when he realizes no one else will take him because he's such a dink he'll come crawling back to you... hopefully when you're looking extra hot that day, and can turn him down. You deserve better than someone who acts hot and cold like that.


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