Should I be mad over something so stupid?

My bf and I broke up with me 2 months ago. He went on Facebook and just removed the status immediately. I was heartbroken and scared to see if he was in a new relationship or what not so I haven't been an active user since then. I get online tonight for the first time and I see that he still never put it back up.
Should I be so mad? Im mostly upset cause he immediatly removed it but wanted me back 2 weeks later. He barely even talked about the break up at the time it was so sudden but to share with the world we were no longer together was hard for me.


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  • People make mistakes and they don't realize it until they meet hard bottom. He mad a mistake. Maybe I'm thinking about this too innocently, but I think he realized how much he wanted you (for whatever reason) and regrets breaking up with you. I do not think you should be mad, although make him work to get back to being his girlfriend.

  • Don't be mad! Be a lover!


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