Why is he so confusing?

My ex broke up with me mths back won't discuss anything about our relationship except the fact that he is not ready. However, he clearly shows he still has feelings for me and texts me and we hang out from time to time.. people think we are together again just by the way we act or they say they can tell we both like each other. However, when I ask him about us he says he has his reasons and doesn't want to discuss them. . we even spent Christmas a day after with each other as we aren't fully together to spend the day of Christmas with our fams but the day after with each other. . what do you think is going on? I've made it clear how i wamt us to be together and he's told me before I'm sorry I dnt feel the same way right now.. does that mean he doesn't want me or just things right now on his mind? Or jst not a relationship title as I clearly once broke his heart but due to assumptions


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  • Don't be too pushy for a relationship if he's not ready. Maybe he has things going on that is personal and that he cannot tell you. I know you like him, but you should just focus on being friends for now. That's what he wants. It's better to be friends than not be friends right? Just give it some time and maybe he'll come back around.

    • Yah i see what you mean... I just feel when we were together he use to share everything with me so I wld think even the personal things he's going through he would be comfortable enough to share ur with me there's nothing i wldnt understand in fact be supportive. I just wish there was something I cld do to have him as mine

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  • maybe he still loves you

    • Why can't he just be with me than? I'm fighting so much to show him and I actually went over to his house recently and when I said i was leaving he said "no dnt go yet stay a bit longer" so I did.. see its so weird.. i wish he cld jst be with me already because I love him. so much

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    • :( ugh

    • see with me I'm very loyal and if I we break up, I try and remain friends, but 90% she is the one who walks out on me

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