Girlfriend broke up wth me what can I do to get her back?

My girlfriend broke up with me last Monday which is over a week ago.. She claimed to me she said she needed space and im smothering her and im not giving her, her space. She told me on Friday that she loves. How can i get her back? Im in love with her.
*she said she loves me


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  • Tell her how much you love her. Express your feelings towards her, don't leave anything out. You guys should talk it through and try to get back together as in the past. Create new memories and remind her of the old ones.

    • she said i call and text her too much... and we fought a lot because she didn't compromise with me which made me mad and yell.

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    • ok thanks

    • no problem

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  • Ignore her,

    Sounds brutal but honestly that's the only way ure going to remind her of the good times.. By becoming distant, while ure at it.. Make ur self better than the great self u are

    Hit the gym, pick up a hobbie
    Adventure into other interest, this will show her how much she's missing out with u

    Men make mistakes and do the opposite. Big mistake, if u show her ure miserable without her, it'll remind her why she left
    If u keep bothering her, it'll remind her why she needed space.. She wants space, give it to her
    Mean while go out with ur friends and show her, ure life is perfectly fine without her, this will impress her and maybe help her realize it was a mistake leaving u, why? Because ure out there now, if she doesn't want another women getting the opportunity, she'll want u back.. But if u linger around moping, she'll be distant with u, knowin ure always there.. And find someone else and use u as a back up plan
    Trust me

    • this makes perfect sense... And im doing it i haven't contacted her im thining of texting her Friday ... I haven't even looked at her snapchat stories... i blocked her on Facebook and instagram

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    • i only blocked her on Facebook... and unfriend her... because i dont want to see if she is talking to guys... and im not texting her till Friday ... and i haven't texted her or showed her any interested since early yesterday... I haven't even looked at ther snap stories im givng her the space she wants..

    • That's good ! And I mean it, that shows u care about ur self enough to protect ur self.
      There will be guys wanting to hit on her, just remember to play it cool. And not to get mad, she may even purposely show men hitting on her, to get ur attention.. Just play it cool again and not mad at her, will show her how mature u are. And women do, do this to get their ex's attention, tell u directly or so it in front of u, just show no upset emotion and leave or exit the scene.. If she ever confronts u just tell her something like "hey look, great for u and all but I'm still not over u. So I don't appreciate rubbing it in my face"

      Since u'll be texting her soon, keep it lite and simple, jokes are always good.. But force ur self to keep it short, say u gotta be some where or do something.. Doesn't matter but act busy, don't be rude to her just crack a joke to make her feel good then tell her hey sorry but I gotta go. the key is to make her wanna see u instead of texting u when she misses u

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  • Fuk her and make her pregnant
    problem solved
    its a very bad advice
    so use it at your own risk


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