Is sending a love letter to your ex a bad idea?

I've written a love letter describing my pain and how I feel after the breakup.
but he still loves me cuz he stalks me
It will a fun experience


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  • You never know. It might work. I'm more optimistic...

    In a past relationship, both of us would have a lot of fights. Serious ones. She was mature, and a few months older than me. While I felt she sometimes bullied me, I loved the way she expressed her love for me, in such an unrestrained and committed manner. The sex was great too (as she was rather experienced and knew how to both give and get.)

    After our fights, I would resolve to end things.

    She would write a very vulnerable letter. It made me rethink and remember the old times. This kept us going for three years. It was a great experience. I think her humility and willingness to take the risks kept the relationship going for far longer than one would have expected.

    So if you're willing to take the risk, and voice your vulnerability, go for it...

    • Thanks for your advice. I know he still loves me. I don't want him back, but just like you said to voice my pain and vulnerability towards him so he can understand what he's done. Plus he messaged me multiple times after the breakup when it was his choice.

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    • Will*

    • Just don't come across as needy. Say what you feel, but with dignity. Let him feel it's his decision. This works best!

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  • Well whats in past should stay in the past... and ypu should not go back to him cause you should forget him... sending him a love letter is a good sign that you have not moved on... sending him a letter is gonnaake him feel that you still like him and wants to get back with him... you are just making yourself more venerable... you are always gonna have little feelings somewhere in the corner of your heart... as he was the one to break up... don't be stuck up on the past...

    you wanna get something off your heart... then write all your feelings on a piece oc a paper... And then afterwards burn it... you will feel really good... :-)

    • Sorry for typing mistakes... i hate typing on my phone

    • Thanks for your advice. I don't want him back in my life. Yeah, he will always have a place in my heart of course, but I just want to express my pain and vulnerable voice through a letter so he can understand what I had to deal with. Yes, he has messaged me multiple times after the break up and saw my stories on snapchat.

    • no problem

  • Generally a bad idea, who broke up with who?

    • lol I'm willing to take the challenge. My ex

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    • Yeah, will see what he'll said after he reads it. It's gonna be interesting I think. I moved on, but there is some things I need 2 get off my chest.

    • it will be a fun experience

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  • Write one, read it, bin it! Dont send it, i have known people to do that and have regretted it at a later date. They cringe with embarrassement at the thought of it now. It helps to put things in writing to, because it can help with the healing process of a broken heart. , but it should be only for you toread. Plus if he's an ex, chances are he won't appreciate it.
    Its always best to speak face to face with someo ne

    • so, what should I do? Should I send it to his house or give it 2 him in person. The letter isn't about me wanting him back at all. It's a poem/emotional tone love letter.

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    • By sending him it you are making yourself more vulnerable, how much worse you are going to feel when you dont get a response from him, or if his response is not what ypu expected. Ask the guys on gag what their reaction would be if an ex stated in a letter how much they broke their heart. The guys will give an honest opinion as always, then let that dertermine if you send it or not. Its best not to act if your pain is still raw, because its more likely you will do things you will regret.

    • my pain towards him isn't raw as it was in the beginning. I just feel like he needs to understand what he's done to me as a person. I know he sill loves me. He messaged me multiple time after the breakup. I moved on with my life, but he always sees my stories on snapchat.

  • Never a good idea. Hurry eat the evidence while you still can.

    • haha lol r u guys serious. why is it so bad?

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