Are these classic signs he's in a rebound relationship?

Okay so as the title says are these classic signs he's in a rebound relationship and trying to make me jealous:
1) he started seeing her a week after our split.
2) after 2 weeks he's all loved up.
3) he's acting out of character (he's insecure about getting hurt so he never rushes into things)
4) he's also posting things like how she's amazing, perfect on social media (however it's only on Twitter, the only site I can see, there's no trace of it on his other accounts.)
5) he was the one to tell me & he rubbed it in my face.

All of how he's acting is so out of character, even with me & his ex before me he never used to write things like that on social media or rush into things. Is this a classic rebound? But if it is a rebound why is he trying to rub it in my face? I thought rebounds were to help people get over there exs? (Something I disagree with entirely!)


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  • It's either that, or he's been seeing her before the two of you split and she is trying to assert her position by indirectly urging him to make her presence on social media, in this case Twitter

    • He wasn't seeing her before we split up. Our relationship ended from an argument so it was a quick decision. He doesn't even have her on Twitter, there's no sign of this new "girl" just him flaunting about her.

    • He's trying to make you jealous.

    • But why? He ended it with me & it's been over a month now? I have gone NC

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