What's the most effective way to move on from the break up and to stop caring about your ex?

The title says it all. What did you find was the most effective way to get over an ex? I've been out of a 11 month relationship for 3.5 months and I'm really determined to get over it. Just a quick background, I work with my ex and his now with a new girl who also works with us. I see them together at work quite a bit and as much as I don't want it to bother me, I can't help but feel a little sad. I just can't wait till that moment when I wake up and realize that I really don't care anymore. I was the one who got dumped but it was because of differences.. Not really sure if I fully believe if it was quick for him to move on to a new relationship.


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  • Focus more on ur self
    Pick up hobbies, for ur self into other activities
    Go out with friends and give then ur phone if u drink

    I recommend yoga and hiking, will help


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