Guys, What does he want?

I guy I was seeing is in a relationship now, he claims to be happy but he recently started texting me.
He asked me for nudes, and tells me whenever he leaves the country.
What the hell is this?


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  • Exactly as what u see it, ur instincts are telling u he's an unfaithful asshole.

    He's considering u his side plate, not even appetizer or dessert. But a side plate

    Drop him and ignore him, poor new gf right? What if that was u, if he gets aggressive wanting to see u. Tell him u'll contact her and let her know

    • Thank you for putting it so bluntly.

    • I didn't wanna sugar coat it or miss lead u and have u end up getting heart broken

  • marriage and kids... go for it... your pics will end up in Russian p*rn websites...

    • I didn't send him my nudes, but thanks for the heads up 😄

    • *on websites

      stay away from this guy.

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