How do I get over this or get HIM back?

I broke up With THE father of miy Child one and à half year ago because hè was Cheating on me. I was misserable and tried to het back together. Hè is now in à relationship With THE girl hè cheated on me With. I am on day 6 of no contact. What' do i do? We were together for 4 years and i can't seam to get over iT.


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  • Keep going past 'Day 6 and no contact,' sweetie, and when the clock strikes 12 tomorrow nite, make this a New Year, dear, by putting this Cheat sheet skeleton in the Closure closet so he can No longer rattle your chains again.
    He is with someone else whom he brought In between the sheets Over you and to me, he can Never be trusted again. Even if he were to come knocking at your door tomorrow with his tall tale tail between his gory groins, he probably would do it again in a heart beat.
    It's obvious to me that he felt like he was in this rut in your relationship because he felt the noose was too tight with you and your 'Child' together and couldn't handle the responsibility nor the commitment of being with you Three under the same roof in a nest not so cozy like two birds of a feather. With this being said, he got up with another chick who was more free and clear and with the relationship with you going south then, in my book of blunders, he is not only a louse and a loser but a dead beat dad to boot.
    Forget him, move on. If he wants to see your bond that is the only glue that holds you together, then make arrangements for this but leave yourself on the side lines... he will only break your heart, no matter if he is hooked at the hip with this Feathered female or another.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand with this kind of man.. Happy holidays and blessings.:)) xxoo

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  • Nothing you can do. I don't think you'd want him back.. but whatever. He's likely gone.

  • i am sorry this happened to you... he should have not cheated on you... you were together for four years and you loved him and but you have to move on... its not healthy to go back to a person who ruined you... the only reson you want to go back to him is because you keep on thinking about him... or maybe because your breakup is freash... but whatever is the matter dont do this to yourself... dont stay in a relationship which was not there for the start... stop thinking about him, cut all contacts wth him, call your friends... indulge in some productive activity because this will help you take your mind off him...
    you will find someone who will not cheat on you and who will treat you as you deserve...

  • You can only over on. He's chosen who he wants to be with. All you can do is make him pay child support, legally


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  • Don't contact him. Be proud.
    Work on yourself. Go to the gym, dress up, go out on dates. Learn to love yourself.
    You need to understand that sometimes we are better off by ourselves. It's better to be alone than wasting our precious time with a jerk.


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