A-13 months of memroies What does it take to get the love you want?

We met a year ago in November. She already had a break up around September a month or two before we met. We spent a great year going out and enjoying out time. Two months after we met we encountered a serious fight which led us ato a temporary break up for 2 weeks i guess. After that we fixed everything. One day i was told that we can't have this relation, bcz she is not ready. She had a bad experience and she can't now. I agreed. We spent the rest of the year hanging out like a couple. Exchanging gifts and chatting every day , Skype, and facetime too. The reason why she doesn't want to be my girl is that bcz she is not ready to be comitted now. Its early for hee to get in a serious relation, and that she can't afford a serious relation now. She told me a week ago that she is back with her ex that she had a break up with a year ago. She knows that i love her till death. And i can't imagine her far from me. we still talk today but i dont feel well with her ex next to her. She has some feelings for me, in which she confessed about them but not in a direct way. She said she may love me if we get in a relationship and that she thinks that she loves me right now. in addition if we r involved in a relationship is that i won't leave her, she said. Thats true bcz i truly love her. So do u think am i going to catch this love, or i should simply walk away with a 13-months of memories?


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  • Walk away. She's back with her ex... and you are completely and totally in the "friend zone."

    She will use you as a shoulder to cry on, a bff to hang out and chit-chat with, and then go home and get that D from her boyfriend - NOT you.

    She said she "thinks" she loves you? Psh. There is no love here - maybe friendship, but that's not what you want, is it?

    • I dont need a friendship. I need her love. Thats what matters.

    • This probably isn't what you want to hear, but she hasn't seen you as relationship material since that break-up two months in. She "isn't ready for" (doesn't want) a committed relationship with YOU. You said it yourself, "she is back with her ex."

      All that other stuff about "maybe" loving you is just to smooth things over. You gotta make your peace and move on.

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