Why is it so hard for me to give a guy space?

When you want to give a guy space, what do you do to make it easier for yourself? This guy is acting up and I think pushing myself away from him is a good idea, but I'm having trouble with doing that. I get anxious and upset and I feel like a psychopath. What do you guys do to get your mind off of it? Am I a crazy chick for finding it difficult to distance myself away from this guy?


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  • I don't think you are a crazy chick for not giving someone space. Depending on how good of a relationship you two had thats what makes things so difficult. I was like that with one of my previous break ups. You start asking yourself, should I give him space or make it known that I'm still here? Step 1. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF. I know this is pretty hard to follow and believe, but if a guy is meant to be yours he will be with you no matter what. This is where your self confidence comes in. Believing that you are worthy and that you can have anything that you want will make you feel powerful. Once you start having this self confidence you won't feel the need to want to text him or call him. You need to find distractions. Go out with your girls or group of friends. Do fun things. Any time wasted sobbing over a guy is definitely time that is wasted. I should know. Live in the moment and make every moment count. If its meant to be it'll happen. Just let some time pass. Give this person a chance to miss you. Good Luck!

    • Great advice! I think the key thing here is that I lack self-confidence. I need to work on that. I really love your response, thank you!

    • You're very welcome! Trust me. I know its not something that comes over night. I still have difficulties with this from time to time, BUT having confidence gets us through a lot of things. :)

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