Boyfriend says leaves relationship after miss understanding. Did he just want to end it deep down?

We had a serious talk in which he said some things that lead me to believe he wanted to break up. We'll all I said was that If he wanted to break up then I'd respect his wishes.

He immediately ran with that and said I just ended the relationship. Saying that I "shouldn't have assumed things" and should have clarified with him first. But he could have said that. Instead he just took his things he loaned me and left. So he's putting all the blame on me.

Saying that I'm giving up on us but I'm mot. I never wanted to break up. Because of that I told him not to contact me since he's going to behave like this over a miss understanding. He hurt me with his actions.

Did he just want to end things? I feel like if he really cared he wouldn't have walked bout like he did.


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  • It seems like this person just wanted to end things. It also seems like this person found it easier to put the blame on you. Someone who genuinely wants to end a relationship will have an adult conversation with you and tell you where things went wrong. People can't put the blame on just one person. There are two people in a relationship not one. I can't tell you what his real motive behind breaking up was or why he put the blame on you. Everyone always goes through similar situations, but have different reasons for ending up in that similar situation. I hope that makes sense. In all honesty, it looks like this break up was for the best. Someone who simply walks away like that does you a huge favor. So even though it may hurt now think about how much more this would have hurt later on in the relationship. This guy sounds like he did you a favor. Pick yourself back up and keep looking forward. :)


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