It isn't cheating, we broke up. And now we are just seeing how things go?

My bf of two years and I broke up. I don't know how I feel about him but I don't feel like I love him anymore. We have been broken up for three weeks, and in this time I slept with someone else. Should I tell him?
I know how crappy it will make him feel. I don't feel bad for it but I don't see a reason to tell him as we broke up and still aren't together but seeing were things lead. What should I do?


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  • "Seeing how things go" is usually just code for "I want to do whatever I want without consequences." If you really are considering getting back together, sleeping with other people isn't the way to do it. But, it's a great game to play when you really just want to feel sorry for yourself.
    If you want to move on, then move on. If you think there's a chance of getting back together, then sit tight, do some soul searching, and sit down and talk with him when circumstances allow.


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  • I take it that "seeing how things go" means you're still using the possibility of a future relationship and sex to get him to continue spending time, attention, probably money, and other resources to win your approval. That's exactly what cheating is.

  • no unless he wants to get back together. then you should tell him you are seeing other people

  • Whatever, you've broken up...


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