Help with ex who has depression, is there a chance still?

Okay, so my ex and I were dating for 4, almost 5 months. We were absolutely amazing to each other. He's my first love and my first for everything. Everyone who saw us always said something about us being cute or perfect for each other. He even told me I was better than any of his exes and his mom told me that he's never loved anyone as much as he's loved me. Now, he has chronic depression and it gets worse around winter. Around November, he asked for a break and I got confused and asked him why. He ended up blocking me because I kept bugging him on it. A big mistake on my part, I realize that now. But, we eventually did get back together, but it was short lived as he got mad and accused me of being unfaithful. He only said this because I went behind his back to ask a friend how he was and that friend asked me out to a date if my ex and I didn't work out. I said maybe, trying not to be mean, and he took that as I was planning a rebound date (I honestly wasn't because I couldn't do that to him). Now, he's blocked all contact with me and he says he's moved on. I don't know what to do because he really loved me and I could tell by the way he looked at me and the way he acted around me. He never gave me a clear reason as to why he broke up with me. All I tried to do was to be there for him and I've been so good to him. I just love him so much... I just can't imagine myself without him...


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  • You have made a mistake my firend."Maybe" doesn't mean "no", maybe means maybe. It is natural that he saw that act in a bad way. You could just say "no, sorry" next time, you wouldn't be rude, you wouldn't get misunderstood either.

    Combining his depression with this misunderstanding might have caused him to end the relationship. Also long-term relationships put emotional burden on people. He could have thought he couldnt endure that or couldnt make you happy. People could lose their trust for people they love, in depression.

    What can you do now? Give him a little time to stay alone, or with his friends. Do not approach him for a while. don't give him a deep, bitter gaze when you make eye contact because he left you.(some girls do this, dont take it personal) If he feels better, he might start talking you again or you might approach him if you feel it is the right time. When that happens talk about his personal problems and your relationship in a sincere way.

    And keep that in mind, i dont know you or him. If you have a common friend who is wise and objective, talking to him\her maybe helpful.

    • He made me happier than anything in this world and he knew this. I only said maybe to his friend because I honestly had no clue what to say to him. I have never been asked out before my ex. I'm actually really inexperienced with love and many social things, being I was sheltered for almost my whole life. I know I've made a mistake and I've tried to make things right.. I'm just really scared.

    • I see. I believe you are both high school age and learning things newly. It is natural that you felt so happy and it was like nothing you've felt before. Happens to everyone.
      Keep around him if you really want him but don't press him. And stand strong, do not let yourself down. It wouldn just lower your chance with him but hurt you too.

      Just in case things might go wrong and you may not come together, remember that there will be other man in your life to make you happy. İt wouln't be end of the world.

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  • He's wasting your time

    • How so? Sorry if I sound clueless, but I honestly have no clue about any thing about relationships or things like that.

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  • If he is chronically messed-up, you're not going to be able to fix it, so don't even bother attempting to "save him". Hit the eject button. You will be happy you did eventually.

    • He made me happy before all this. I don't even know where all this came from. I want him to get better. He even told me that I helped bring him out of his depression. So, I'm just confused about all this.

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