How to break up in a decent way?

We've been seeing each other for a few years now and for awhile our relationship was great. But now for the past year I noticed we don't appreciate each other anymore, don't say I love you, see each other as much, etc. Pretty much all the signs of a doomed relationship. We also never had many arguments and I realized now our communication as couple was very poor. Never really talked about future plans together and where we wanted to end up, etc. I think both of us can see we deep down we don't want each other anymore. I feel we would be both be happy with other people.

I'm going away to school in about 8 months and she seems really wanting to go. But I don't want her to go. I will have to move a lot and it will be difficult for her with me busy all the time and trying to find a job while paying off school debts. I don't feel even if we try to fix things I will be any happier and she won't be either. The problem is we've never talked about this really. I'm scared that if I just bring it up one day and break up with her she will be really shocked and I don't want her to be really hurt. Is there a way we can break up decently without her being shocked?

Also neither of us have many friends. She has one or two in town at school. I live at home with my parents and am just working before school. I hardly spend much time with anyone but my family.


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