How do I start over , after being in a marriage for 5 years , and I'm only 26? How do I start over?

Well my wife just gave me the I think it's best if we go our separate ways and I don't want to be with you anymore speech...

She says we should still be civil bc we have a child together and doesn't want to be friends.
Htf can you be civil and not be friends

I am kind of relieved but , I feel like noob to the single scene and life again.

Like how do I get my mojo back, I've been with the same woman since I was like 19/20 and now I'm 26 ...

Where do I start and I don't want to go clubbing wasting money on drinking or buying females drink , I think that's a waste of time lol


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  • I'm really sorry to hear your marriage isn't working :( Maybe the best thing is to give it some time for the new dynamics of your life to settle down and get used to being separated co-parents, and then give a lot of your energy into things you enjoy. The right women will appreciate your talents, respect your past, and fall in love with the guy you are to overcome it all and still be positive. :)

    • @spunkylvr Thanks that's good to hear. Only thing that sucks is I'm not from here and I have no friends bc I cut them off for her and to be more focused o my family. It all backfired now

    • I'm sorry :( that sounds like a really difficult situation. It's hard how so many times the friends and way of life are at stake when a relationship doesn't work out. Everything is going to have a new dynamic and it will probably take some time for the dust to settle until you know what you're working with. :(

    • Thanks I appreciate the input , hope your new years went well

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  • Sorry this happened my friend. That is tough.

    I suppose a few thoughts: I guess it is one thing to start getting out there again and meeting people and just having fun, but make sure you are ready to go deep if that is what you are start wanting to do, so some poor girl doesn't get rebound man when she was expecting something else.

    The other thing is that your profile says you surround yourself with like-minded people... so the answer to your question on where to go is just that - where are you going to find like-minded people? Is it a church or some sort of civic organization or school or even asking your buddies if they no some nice women that you might like. Those are the places i would start.

    I hope it all works out...

    • Thanks man I appreciate the words. Yea I've cut many people off for her and now I only have like 3 physical friends in this area. You are right though a church , or something of that nature would be good at this point in time

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  • Spend more time with you guys friends and enjoy life. Before you know it, things will pick up again. If it helps, you can try dating sites after sometime. Although, I think the best way would be to meet people through mutual friends.

    • Thanks, I don't hangout with anyone , was focused on my family and cut the world off for her.

    • Get your friends back or make new ones. It'll be a great start to help you get back into the dating scene.

  • Get involved with some hobby groups you are interested in and meet some women that have similar interests, but don't do anything just for the girls. Do things for yourself that you enjoy and just have fun being free again. 😊


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  • Most people meet others through work. So join a few groups and go to a few parties.


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