Will she forgive me?

So my ex broke up with me because of bad timing and what not but said she saw herself with me in the future and said shell always want me in her life. some other stuff happened and i got angry one night and sent her a really mean text that upset her extremely bad. i wasn't pestering her or stalking or annoying her but that one text upset her so much that she blocked my number and on everything you could name. two days later i felt terrible for what i said and wrote her a sincere heartfelt apology and emailed it to her. i waited two days and got no response so i called her off a friends phone, i continued to apologize and say how i wanted us to end on good terms and some other stuff. I did most of the talking trying to clean this up but she said a few things like "im still mad at you" and "what do you think im just gunna forget about it and start hanging out with you again" and i asked her if she wanted to maybe unblock me for starts and she said "ill think about it" i said ok fair enough, if you do i look forward to hearing from you and wish you a happy new year "you too" so i felt pretty good about that conversation because i was keeping it light hearted so it wouldn't feel like i was just asking her for things but i was also being sincerely apologetic. but its been 3 days and i haven't heard from her yet. do you think this will wear off and she will forgive me and eventually unblock me and talk to me again? i realize what i said hurt her very badly but i didn't mean it and it was just an immature way of coping with my own pain. i miss talking to her but also am worried about her holding onto that hate for so long. any advice at all is much appreciated guys and girls, i really need it and am going insane with guilt and the whole nine yards. she also has a memory box of us and still has all our pics up on social media so there's plenty to remind her of me that she's still chosen not to get rid of.


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  • Sounds like you just need to give it time :) Emotions and heartbreak can really make the first few days... Weeks... Months... Pretty rough. But, it sounds like there weren't any big deal breakers that would prevent this from eventually healing. Nobody cheated or fell for someone else, nobody physically got hurt, and it doesn't sound like there is any irreparable damage. Just give it some time to let her find what she is hoping to find in this all and it will work out in the end however it's meant to be. It all happens for a reason :)


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  • Right now, just give it time. I know you want to "fix it" but if she is that mad, give her time and give her room. You have said your peace, there is nothing more to be gained by pushing too hard right now.

    I hope it works out.

    • yea im not gunna keep bugging her and all that. what do you think im in for though given the information i gave though?

    • She will come around. Perhaps in a week or so if you have not heard from her, send her a real Snail Mail card and again tell her you know you messed up, you were silly and miss her.

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