GF Left me for another guy, says she "lost her feelings"?

My gf and i were together 5yrs, always got along, did so much together, saw a future together. A few weeks ago out of nowhere she gets all "im confused and im not sure where my life is going", starts to grow distant, i stay close, give her my support, tell her i care about her and am here if she needs be, but she keeps pushing away. We take some space apart, she dumps me after less then a week and says she just needs to be single and that she doesn't love me the same way anymore. She woke up one day and had lost her feelings, despite us still being close/intimate perfectly fine before any of this drama started.

I find out from her friend that she met a guy who's the total opposite of me, irresponsible bad boy with fucked up issues. Shed been seeing him before she even left me and was being intimate with him, before knowing him for even a month. It disgusts me so much. I talked to lots of people about it and they all say she is going through a grass is greener on the other side phase, and that its gonna bite her in the ass one day. i loved her so much and felt like everything i held dear was stolen from me, I've been so angry, and have cut the rope with her after i learned what she did.

I still can't believe it tho, how someone who cares and loves you for so long can just give you a huge "fuck you" to everything youve built up together over 5 god damned years. i guess some people are just more mature than others. so disheartening, fuck this shit.


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  • I have a female friend who did what you are experiencing. She ws engaged to be married and started getting annoyed that she'd be committed to only one person, couldn't spend the night with friends and hang all night, etc so decided to cheat and then leave her man. Some girls, well not just girls but people get that way.


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  • Hang in there... that sucks. She is going to pay for it. You look forwards not back and be excited about what is going to happen in the future

    Yes yes i know it is easy to say and hard to do, but it is the truth. Maybe you won't get there tomorrow, but you will.


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