My girlfriend broke up with me, is seeing another guy, and treating me like crap for no reason?

So my girlfriend that I'v been seeing for 6 months, decides to break up with me at 3:00am on Christmas eve, and is already seeing another guy. How could someone be this cold? She's already seeing another guy and she's posting pictures/videos of them togather on instagram/snapchat. Even her parents are wondering what happened because we were perfect for each other and I was nothing but great to her. She was amazing and she just changed.. I didn't do ANYTHING. Can people really be this cold-hearted?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Unfortunately, they can. I've also just been dumped and I'm being treated like dirt. Like you I am shocked that he's capable of doing that in general, and specifically to me. It's horrible when people you trusted stab you in the back. I often ask myself how they have it in them to be so cruel. I don't have an answer. Here's hoping that you and I and everyone else going through something similar will manage to get over this soon.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes they can trust me my ex dumped me and was with her ex with in the week. It happens and honestly the ones that are always good to their partner get treated like shit in the end. It's hard especially since you had your dilemma on Christmas eve. That's pretty fucked up she did it like that man, and is already posting shit the next day. But there's nothing you can do, let her have her fun and let her fuck up.


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