2015. I'm broken hearted today. Does anybody care?

My boyfriend yesterday told me that he's agreed to marry Filiina woman. A friend of him in America to avoid deportation. WTF? xx
What a New Year's surprise?
What happened? Who is she? Why is marrying her more important than our relationship? You think he's an asshole?


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  • Woah, this is ridiculously selfish of him. I would leave his ass for real like wtf is he thinking. He clearly doesn't care about you. Did he discuss doing this with you prior? If he doesn't involve you in decisions like this then Whatelse does he do behind your back?

    • No. I just his email the other day telling me he's agreed to marry another girl. I begged him not to do it countless of times but nothing. He sent me a message this morning saying, he even thought about lying to me. I don't know what to do. We're thousands of miles away.

    • He's a dick. Simple as that. He didn't discuss options with you but just decided to to ahead and do it? You guys clearly see the the relationship from two different angles and you deserve someone so much better who you wouldn't have to beg to do anything

    • I know I deserve someone better. But I'm hurt and it's not that simple to forget what he's done. I'm really mad at him.

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  • @@
    why would a guy do that?
    Unless he already like her and using that as an excuse, otherwise i find it insane to do so.
    He isn't worth it...

  • Guys like that are only selfish ass wipes that think about themselves. Dont sweat it too much and get in a rut. I've kind of been there and it isn't fun. Well standard eastern time says... If no one or animal has died you have exactly only 5hrs and 23mins to continue feeling that way. 2015 you find a new love and make them other bitches jealous.


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