Should I leave him or stay?

My bf of just a short 2 months basically told me we wouldn't have sex after i told him i would never have sex with someone i wasn't 100% loves me. He said i " killed his fucking dreams" , i replied "so your not gonna do all of the stuff (sexual) you said you were going to?", his answer was no. not sure how to feel. He said i led him on by participating in this dirty talk. Did i? I didn't mean to, i just... i don't know. I always make mistakes, was he one?


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  • Well, he has an attitude problem but expecting to be 100% sure of love isn't realistic either. Lots of people have sex before being totally in love and the sex is often part of making them fall in love.


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  • He's definitely a mistake.
    That's in no way an outlandish claim to want the love/committment first.
    Drop him. He basically told you that he's using you


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  • Leave him. He's an asshole, trust me, I would know.


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