I feel guilty is that normal?

I broke up with my boyfriend but I'm glad that I did, he really wasn't good for me he would always put me second and blame me for everything. It was bad and I hate hurting peoples feelings i hate it. I can't even say No when I should and now I feel really bad because I could of hurt his feelings but he deserved it but I still feel bad am I weird?


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  • You feel bad for breaking up with him now and tomorrow your texting him to go back with him
    but be sure to remind your self of the bad stuff that made you feel bad.


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  • You're not weird by any means. You have a heart. Even when someone "deserves it", it does not make it any easier. Good for you for realizing it wasn't a good situation.


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  • No, its not weird but you did the right thing. You have to be able to stand up for yourself and at times be selfish, just don't be too selfish if that makes sense.


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