I told him to not contact me again but I miss him, should I text him?

I had an instant relationship with my elementary classmate. We never heard from each other since grade four til we were able to chat on fb last dec. I felt guilty of it because my family is conservative which means I cannot tell them about us because we became on only after two weeks of chatting and meeting up once. I really didn't want a relationship but he begged me to give us a try. So i did. I had no plans of taking it seriously. I was just like playing. But it came to a point that i wanted us to be legal, i want my friends to know about him and at the same time i still need to save my reputation. So what i did was i broke up with him and told him to formally court me. i thought that was the only way i could be proud of our relationship. he was disappointed and hesitant and it broke my heart. The next day, he texted me he'll do it. But he doesn't know how to do it neither do i so nothing happened over the next days. And then one day, he texted me begging again for a relationship. I was so pissed. I felt like he doesn't see me as someone who deserves the chase. He wants everything to be instant and it's insulting. So there. I told him to never contact me again but i miss him now even though i know he doesn't deserve it.


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  • Absolutely not. If it already broke your heart for the first time, why would you want to taste the pain again for the second time around? I know this might be harsh, but know better for you heart.


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