How can I do a background check on somebody for free?

I'm suspicious about somebody and I want to do a free background check. is that possible online?


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  • No free background checks are a scam. You could cyber stalk him eg. look him up on social networks and public records, etc. but well just don't.


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  • Nope those always cost. Depending on the site you use depends on the cost as well as how much you want to know. Pretty much if you are willing to spend a few hours on line you may be able to find if they were in jail or such using google.


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  • I used an app that does this. Damn I forgot the name but if u search free background check apps it should be one of the first to pop up its a major app. I remember it has a gray background and you only get so many free backgrounds a month.

    I used it and found a guy I used to date had several charges I didn't know about including kidnapping, family violence and a couple battery charges. Interesting...


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