Why would he walk away without saying anything?

Why would someone leave you without telling you anything when they said you meant a lot to them, I just don't get it


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  • A guy who used to constantly ask me on dates, and flirt with me, just kinda ignored me after i agreed to hang out, and we did a lot. We were really good friends before hand, but more in a group setting. We hung out more alone, and then he just cut it off. It really pissed me off considering I had just started to like him, and now after all this flirting (about six months) he just told me that he couldn't do "this." For a while i was really confused, but later he told me that i was too young for him and he was getting shit for hitting on someone younger. I have long gotten over it, but still confuses the crap out of me. He told me i was the prettiest girl in the world, but he just dropped me. ugh


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