If your ex doesn't try to talk to you after it means he doesn't care?

my ex didn't cheat but he did something else jerky behind my back and i caught him. it was disrespectful. i found about it through friends (basically he was telling his female friends he doesn't know if the relationship is going to work, while keeping me on a string and not communicating with me and it hurt especially because I tried to talk to him about it)

I dumped him. He knows I found out what he said and apparently he was pissed about it because he didn't want me to dump him he was just "deciding what he wants"

He hasn't even tried to talk to me and it's been almost two weeks since the breakup. And when I dumped him he just kinda took it and said "I'm fine how we are but I understand"

and didn't even fight for me.

It hurt... a lot. Makes me feel like he didn't care. And he was distant right before we broke up too.
Our mutual friend said he knew what he did was wrong and he probably feels like a fool because I found out and he knows that he has no leg to stand on because he was wrong.


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  • Give him space. Don't contact him for a few weeks. Either he will man up and realize what he's lost or he won't and you will find someone better who won't let you go. What he said gave you every right to break up with him. It's pretty inexcusable. Don't doubt your decision.

    • All our friends were surprised he got into a relationship at all because he usually doesn't commit at all and hadn't been in one in a long time. He asked me out fast too. I think he has commitment issues. He is divorced. He was crazy about me, they all saw it too, and all of a sudden he went cold on me.

    • I'm in a similar boat. Im sorry you're also dealing with such a horrible situation. It's all on him though to mature and take responsibility. Because things moved quickly he's probably second guessing it (doesn't want another divorce) but that's why you have to give him space. Let him miss you for a few weeks. Don't contact him. Let him come to you. Just focus on stuff your trying to accomplish in your life and if it works out then yay! If not you will find someone who deserves your loyalty and time. This is his issue not yours so stay strong and positive. Good luck!

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  • It means your ex isn't ready/willing to commit but would still like to have the option of having you around until he makes up his mind. He's being selfish and has a problem showing his vulnerabilities to you (huge red flag). Be glad you dumped him first, he's not worth the wait.

  • Its easy for him not to contact you... he will use the excuse.. I didn't think you would talk to me.. or I didn't want too... if a guy is really into you.. he stays in touch...

    Stop hoping that he will and get on with your life please... you are focussing on a dead relationship that was never going to work... learn and love again :)


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