Why do I keep thinking of guys from my past now that I broke up with my boyfriend?

I had an innocent fling with this guy a few years ago. He was older and sexy. We never had sex but we used to talk, flirt, make out, go out for drinks and lunch etc I met him at work. But he ended up being a jerk and I knew he didn't want a relationship nor would he be a good boyfriend so I stopped talking to him.

It was hard to let go of him, he wasn't even that handsome but something about him really turned me on! I hadn't spoken to him in about a year. Our flirtationship fling was on and off for over a year.

Now I keep thinking of him, and I had not in a long time. Why? I just broke up with my boyfriend, is that why I am thinking of my past, to try and move on?


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  • your boyfriend only masked your attraction for the other guy, not that he's not there, your attraction is coming back because there is no one to make you forget him.
    You can either;
    1- contact that other guy to see if you can work on things.
    2- get another bf

    • The other guy was horrible for me! I erased his number even. A long time ago. I don't remember it! And we are not friends on Facebook. I was very happy with my BF and would have married him. Also this guy is not from my religion and I am religious. so it would never work anyways.

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    • I was so infatuated with this guy but I know rationally speaking I am way better off without him. But man I was obsessed with him!

    • exactly... you were attracted to him.
      Best thing to do is just keep the memories for when you're masturbating and find another bf.

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