Bad breakup with ex. He said he was happy it was finished yet he still lurks on all my social media. Why?

He hasn't contacted me in 6 months though. Just wondered why he's on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram daily if he really was happy we were finished!


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  • How do you know he visits your sites?
    In truth after a break up people tend to put up a strong front but undoubtedly he is still hung up on you.

    • He accidentally favourited a tweet on Twitter (then retracted it) and he accidentally gave me kudos on strava. He's not actually added on any of my social media sites

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    • Thinking logically the fact he's not texted me does speak volumes. I can't be the love of his life if he can avoid me for that long.
      Answer would be no. I wouldn't want him back mainly from what I just said previously.
      Do find it annoying that he's on my stuff though. I may have to delete my pages to stop him looking

    • Yeah I would suggest the same, the only way to really prevent him lurking is to either delete or making it uber private.

      in my opinion once relationship reach a climax and end there really isn't going back without all the old original issues for the breakup coming up Once more.

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  • Hard to say maybe he just has gotten around to deleting u or he doesn't look at it much. I wouldn't read anything into it

    • He can't delete me. I'm already not on his stuff. He's looking me up

    • It's probably just curiosity seeing what u are up to of if u have anyone new

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  • Unfortunately, most guys need to learn to make a clean break once they or their girl call it quits, but they don't. They still want to linger around either in hopes of getting back together again if they were dumped or just to keep tabs on the former girlfriend if she's the one that ended the relationship.

    Once it's over the guy should cut off all communication and move on to the next girl in his life. In the game of love, there is no looking back.


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  • Wait how do you know he lurks?

    • Because he's always accidentally liking (then unliking my stuff on social media)

    • Either he's trying to get your attention, or he's still interested in what your doing/up to etc. Don't fall for it

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