No contact with Guy who disappeared - after feeding his ego for nearly two weeks?

Guy vanished on me for a week in mid December. Despite my attempts to contact him, he remained unresponsive. He then came back a week later, said he'd been busy but couldn't disclose with what. Despite this, he reassured me and then after two days disappeared again. I haven't heard from home since the 22nd of Dec. I've called, text, left him messages on viber (which he's seen, he's even updated his profile pics) - still unresponsive. I last text him on NYE expressing how hurtful his behaviour has been and it hurt my heart, (I lost my mother a few months ago and it felt like abandonment all over again). I also mentioned I wouldn't forgive him for playing a cruel game with me when he could have just been man enough to at least break up in a civil manner or at least respond to me and then walked away. (More fuel for his ego I guess for expressing how hurt I've been feeling). Ofcourse he didn't respond but I wasn't expecting one. It was probably for my own 'closure'. I have deleted call logs, texts, numbers and even deactivated my viber. Im using the new year as incentive to remain in No Contact. Ofcourse a part of me wants him to miss me etc but if he had wanted me or cared he wouldn't have disappeared on me and ignored me for what is now approaching two weeks, right?


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  • Guys like this love women like you- fact! Reason being you're vulnerable, low self esteem and you're pretty much easy prey. You need to have some self respect and walk away in silence. Why would he care how much he's hurting you if he's the one causing the pain? When you realise that he doesn't care and your words and expression of how hurt you are go unnoticed will you get the message. He doesn't and will not care about you. You are not doing yourself any favours by being around him or telling him how you feel or letting him walk in and out of your life. Take some control and you walk away. Don't say anything but just leave! No guy is too busy for a women they are into, you're telling me he couldn't send a single text during that time? The reason he wasn't telling you what made him busy was because he wasn't busy at all he just couldn't be bothered with you. You probably annoy him with your heartfelt messages and seem like a crazy chick he tells his friends about. I'm being as honest as possible because you need to hear it. Take some time to heal from losing your mother. The last thing you need right now is some selfish asshat around taking the remainder of your positive energy. Can't really blame him but yourself. It's not he's responsibility to make you feel better after your mother passed so you can't really mention that like it holds valid here. See it for what it is, he isn't into you and couldn't care less about your feelings. Start moving on!!


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  • How long have you known him?


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