Looks like Im still not over my ex after 3 months.. help?

First let me say Happy new year to everybody.
Yeah, I wanted to forget everything and turn the page but it seems its not easy. I won't get in details about our past but I'll say that she cheated on me probably twice. One on her summer vacation and the other when she returned to school. Ill also say that she is 14 and im 16. I really loved her... with more than my whole heart... I wrote her a song... cried for her.. and she knows it. Yet she did THAT... she told me when we broke up that she wanted a break and the next day I see her on Facebook lovey dovey with her ex... and I think they were like that before we break up. I am fine at days.. really. but when the night comes... its a torture. Sometimes I feel that a small part of my heart still loves her... I was looking some photos of her on Instagram in the sunset at the beach... gosh so beautiful. And I wondered... why should this happen? Couldnt we be together happy? We had literally everything in common so, why?


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  • I'm wondering the same thing about me and my guy. We've been broken up for 4 months and I miss him about as much as I love him (which is A LOT). I know how you feel, although he never cheated on me and he hasn't even moved on himself. It's all way too confusing and I'm wondering why this happened and why we can't be together and why we can't be happy.

    • Well I hope you get back together as it seems from the way you tell me, you boh want to be together... correct me if im wrong

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    • Okee day

    • Thanks :-)

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  • aren't u Exaggerating, ur under 18... i wouldn't write it if u wanted to buy her a kidney but i dont believe thats the case...

    • I know Im under 18 but what I know the most is that Im not exaggerating... I dont get the last one :P

    • K sry i need to apologize. I answeered the wrong question its seems. Im sorry

    • I thought so haha... first time I see this lol xD

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