I sent a new year text message to ex as well as other friends... He replied... leave me bitch Am I?

A friend of mine (1.5 years) got interested in me... I also liked him... He asked for sex on our first formal date... I refused.. it was too early for me... He kept asking for 37 days... than he brokeup with me... I asked for apology, told me that why i did that in email... I was keeping it low... I almost stopped texting him.. on new year eve, i sent happy new year message to everyone in my contact list... in return he replied... leave me alone u bitch...
I text him back that I forgive you... and said bye as well i ask him to delete me from his Facebook... we brokeup 5 months ago but he didn't delete me from his fb... He delete d next day...
Thing is... Ya, I hurt him.. and annoyed him little with my apologies... He was giving me silent treatement for 5 months and brokeup on a message... but did I actually acted like a bitch..
I told him, I m not looking for anything like marriage... I just care for him as friend... coz he is drug addict and alcholic...
Am I really being bitchy? and pushed him further when he was clear that its over... he was extermely angry...
He had history of failed relationship.. even his mother treated him like garbage...

I never cyber stalked him... Facebook doesn't mean anything to me.. its just a website...
we are not together.. so what's the point of having me in his friend list?
or may be he was just angry at me, but didn't want to end it.. or may be want to string me alone...
So far... girls think that I was just trying to being nice...
and boys think that I was bitchy...
Any man who would like to input on this? a mature man...


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  • Leave him alone. Were you a bitch, not really. To him you are because you messaged him and he wanted to be left alone, he deleted you from fb like you asked. He's probably spiteful, he will get over it or hate you until you die. Leave him alone.

    • Well, ya... I misunderstood his hatred with anger... so waited for his anger to calm down...
      But anger is mental attitude... not emotional... I can't do anything here... I'm done with him...
      I deserve some one better who can treat me with respect... a real relationship.. not just friends with benefit...
      Thanks again... God bless you!

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    • zinithin! May I message you regarding that? I can talk about my bad things/features in public but I can't talk about him in public... I don't want him to be judged "more"... I have already made him look bad here un-intentionally...

    • He is caring, supportive, angry sometime but he could tell me if i m sad by just looking at me...
      He hides things, doesn't share much... not the bad stuff at least...

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  • Leave me bitch... Say u r dirty dog... Who only wanna fuck u... Nothing Else... Leave that bastard...

    • well... only one guy think so... ) thanks

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    • Anyways if u wanna b my friend u r welcome to message me n follow me here...

    • followed u...:)

  • Of course you did the right thing to say no to sex. It's your right to sleep with someone whenever you want, because it's your body and you control it. What he did isn't what a real man does. You don't break up via text message and then calls you a bitch. You are right on this and in my opinion you have to stop talking to him. @kangy

    • thanks... I did ask him to delete me so I can move on... I still love him so couldn't delete him just coz he is angry...

  • You shouldn't have texted him in the first place. Clearly he wants nothing to do with you.

    • breakup happens all the time... being friendly isn't bad... i didn't ask anything...

    • You live and you learn. Don't be friendly to those who don't deserve it.

    • okay... i would choose to be neutral i guess... no friendship, no bitterness...

  • You are being annoying, yes.

    • it was just a text message... if it is over... why even bother... he could ignore it...
      would be scream or yell a gal who means nothing to u

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    • By giving you the time of day I have soiled my dignity. This is a problem that is clear and obvious and beneath me; I should have left this to the wolves and the blind.

    • Dear I'm not angry at him or anything... I was just asking that if i did anything wrong by sending that message... and i respect that you gave me your time... I am grateful... thanks..

  • a wish for a new year is a wish. he was just kind

  • I'm with @Error_204 , you were being annoying.

    • did you have any real successful relationship with anyone? ever?

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    • well, it won't be for long... just a guess

    • That's very nice of you to say

  • Some guys just don't want to be friends with their ex's. He obviously doesn't. You're not a bitch (although you may be), he just should have said "leave me alone" without the bitch part... that was a little much

    • yea.. that's what my point is... its not like that I sent anything emotional or anything.. its just a wish that i "sent all" to all of my contacts... anyway.. I forgave him...

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  • He tells you, "leave me alone u bitch," clearly still angry at you, but you went on ahead and tell him you forgive him etc etc? Even though he was wrong for pushing you to have sex with him before, that just doesn't sit right. It's like rubbing it in his face that you were being the bigger person there.

    • well... I forgive easily... it helps to heal your soul as well...
      I have no grudge against him even when he treated me like a shit in last few weeks...
      it was my first relation... He has history of failed relations... One time he left his gf waiting at wedding hall...

    • And thank you!

  • Hang on, so you are letting the opinion of a drug addicted alcoholic wreck your day? One lacking in verbal skills, I might add.

    Don't waste one more minute thinking about this. Delete and Depart this dude in every way.

    • hehe... you are awesome! thanks...

  • I wouldn't say your bitchy at all. However, I do believe you should have deleted him from your contact list after he dumped you. He didn't talk to you for five months so he clearly didn't want to talk to you, and I don't know why you'd want to talk to him anyway. He sounded like a dick.

    • Well, I believe that we all are humans... we all make mistakes...
      Even he dumped me, doesn't mean that he wasn't hurting... I stayed.. so if he need to come back... he could... But there has to be time limit... and I think its enough...
      During this time, I put effort on my healing as well... while sincerly aplogizes for my mistakes...
      at least that's what a human deserve... a sincer apology...
      Now he chooses to hate me instead of forgiving... well its his decision...

  • You're not being bitchy, or a bitch. You have the right to say no to having sex when you don't feel ready. So really, he's the douche, not you. You shouldn't have apologized, you have nothing to apologize for. Just be happy that he's gone.

    • Girls! I think if we want to talk to our ex that 'what happend, why you are dumping us'... we are bitch
      if we want to fix our mistakes... we are bitch
      if we leave them alone.. we are bitch
      if we stay... we are bitch
      if we ask for commitment... we are bitch
      if we ask for relationship first... we are bitch...

      Guys can say 'its over' anytime, and than we should just stay home and mourn without disturbing them... or we are bitch...
      I know my answer... I did right... To hell with such douchbag...

  • I think you should stay away from him
    is he really worth being your friend?
    and he's so rude and disrespectful
    why did u need to apologise to him when all u did was turn him down on sex?

    • you are right...
      I thought I could just heal him... and he would leave his drugs... but it was getting abusive realtionship... and I think that it was good that it ended...
      I just demanded some respect... didn't turn down for sex... I asked him for moving in togther... which he had doubts about

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    • ya.. I deleted his number...

    • He clearly just wanted sex from her, i don't think @asker was being bitchy or rude. He just said those things cause he got rejected and felt like demeaning you with words makes him feel better about it.

      Don't waste anymore time on this guy

  • No you didn't act like a bitch! He is just mad because you didn't want to have sex girl! I would have asked him to fuck after that but that's just me haha.

  • No he's just mad u won't take his shit move on live your life and have fun

  • Yes. Walk away and never look back.

    • hehe... thanks... that's what I had already did few weeks ago...

    • it was kind of being repeated in my mind all day long

    • That happens to me too!

  • Oh wow.. I feel sad for you, just reading this.

  • Why do u even care? Forget him.

    • coz he was friend.. and human...
      just coz relationship didn't work doesn't mean that we , as humans shouldn't care for each other

    • You sound Asian and they're too emotionally attached to everyone.

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