The ex saw me with another girl and didn't handle things well?

I'm not even officially dating this new girl yet but anyways I was out at pub and ex showed up and this new girl was also there and of course ex saw me with her. but here's where it gets really weird ex already has a new bf but she like decided to meet this new random guy and then also hung out rate in front of me this other guy she knows and they like fooled around. she also gave me a bunch of weird looks and at some point I'm not really sure why she was sitting at table with this new girl. but she didn't really talk to her. and she also got really drunk . but she didn't really talk to me much. she just didn't handle it well and new girl was also really good looking but not sure that matters or if was just fact I was with another girl.

anyways do you think ex still wants me? or is she just jealous and trying to find a way to ruin things with new girl


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  • I think she's just trying to show off and make you regret breaking up. Just ignore her, she's being immature and trying to ruin your new relationship. If you acknowledge this behaviour, she'll only keep doing it, which is not what you want.


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  • Sounds like jealousy. That would have made me smile. If have left of course but it would have made me smile


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