I feel like relationship is not good?

I am very lonely and sometimes bitch. I thought I was the worst situation in the world because of that. but I feel like that's actually blessing. I think people get relationship based on needs. They get together for rooms, share kitchens and so on. and fooling around is always happen. It's inevitable. And relationship is based on fantasy or something you see on TV drama. it's not real. I think it's better to be alone. all relationship is very fragile and there is no such thing as love I think.


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  • True love is a partnership not lust

    • there is no partnership either.

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    • she said that those spirits have never had alive form. I saw angels myself once. so I can't deny.

    • For every positive there is a negative, the positive is what the bible calls the holy spirit, the negative is the opposite, and then there is the spirirt within each person, thats the one that tells you whats right and whats wrong

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