How do I dissapear completely from someone's life?

I really want to not be annoying to someone. I want to just disappear completely. I don't want to be manipulative or needy but I feel the need to be scarce so this person can miss me.
Whether it's friendship or romantic.
I know attraction is not a choice and you can't make anyone feel a certain way.
I just wish that if for one chance to change the clock back is that it would be those moments with her.


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  • You can disappear, but if I were you, i'd be more concerned with making those feelings disappear. And from your description, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Apparently, you don't understand females.

    • Yep...

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    • The rose has sharp thorns

    • @abundantlyrich I knew you would understand the analogy.

  • Hmmmm stay away from her perhaps?

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