Why did she dump me?

I was dumped by my GF if 13 months. we are both in our 40's. This was a great relationship. inseparable, lots of common interests, always going out together, weekend getaways, going over to each others homes, great intimacy, her children loved me and I them.
I got NO red flags, in fact I was suddenly dumped and she went cold. told me I was the best a man had ever been to her. I loved her and made sure she knew it. she always said it to me too. in the last week she bought me a Christmas gift and had me over to her parents for Thanksgiving, WHY? if you are gonna dump me? women know they are gonna dump someone long before they actually do it, so why tell me you got a Christmas gift 2 months before Christmas. if you are planning on breaking up? this whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth because everything is just wrong about it. I am an intuitive guy and this just screams "interference" something or someone has interveined somehow. another dude perhaps? I don't know maybe. both times I asked, she responded with a question "how can you ask me that" while sobbing and the second time she said " why can't I take the reason at face value" she never answered the question though. the reason I got was "spiritual disconnect" she is new to Buddhism and I think slightly deluded but I always supported her beliefs. one thing of note... I believe in my heart that she never loved me as much as I did her... therefore I may have lost some of the power, this makes a man stressed and maybe even makes him try too hard, always worrying about her needs and not my own, hence no longer a challenge. I am a great guy and I anguished over this... not getting the truth or closure is the worst thing for someone who is in no contact. it has been two and a half months. I am better everyday and no more anxiety but I still need closure


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  • It's complex maybe its spiritual thing but if she really loved u she wouldn't leave u
    For spiritual thing but have no idea how that spiritual thing effect her life thats for the spiritual part

    I dont know if there's another guy

    Now if u really want her invite her for one more last dinner or some place that she like and talk her if u can back togther and if u want to marry her y u dont tell her
    But if she refuse move on


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  • I think tou are maybe right its the new buddhism thing, as a female its a bit baffling to me as well of there wer no red flags! I wanted to end things with my bf long before i did also but id been distant he knew i didn't want to be with him for a while beforehand as well! You are obviously too good for this 1, i would blame this new found spirituality for sure

    • thanks, maybe it is the spiritual but I call BS on it, just too sudden

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