Did I cut her out of my life or did she cut me out?

So my ex gf & I broke nearly a month ago after 6 months of being together when she broke up with me she had all these different excuses which I have posted on here before but after the break I blocked her on fb & deleted her number only because I wasn't able to cope being able to see pictures of her & that what I needed to do to help me move on. It's been nearly a month now since we broke up & I've gotten a lot better but I still think about her every single day & sometimes I have dreams we're back together which is killing me. I haven't talked to her since the night she broke up with me nor have I try'ed because I know trying to get her back will come off as needy & push her away more. I really want her back but my friend & family say I'm better off without her because towards the end she treated me like shit & was boarder line mentally abusive towards me. So since I blocked her, deleted her number & haven't try'ed contacting her does that mean I cut her out or did she? & should I try contacting her?


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  • I'm pretty much in the same situation as you but my ex is the one who cut me off and it hurts so much! I would say since she's the dumper she's the one who cut you off.


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  • I want to know excuses.

    • Well a month earlier we had some problems I had asked her mom about an upcoming doctors appointment my ex was going to have because I was worried & my ex twisted my words saying that I was trying say she needed to be fixed which is not what I meant or said at all. Plus u was very unconfident & would as unconfident Q's but after we talked about it I never asked those Q's again. When she broke up with me she said it was because it hasn't been the same since then & then she said it was because I wasn't a challange then it was because I tossed & turned in bed when she would stay over, & even went as far to compare me to a dog she had that would do that & she "hated it". She also said that her mom & her were talking & just because I stopped asking questions didn't mean that I wouldn't start up again & her mom said she should "evaluate". Anytime we had problems which was on a few time & they were minor is he always talked to her mom. She said she doesn't know why she doesn't like me anymore

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    • Does it sound like it's my fault it's over?

    • I don't think it's your fault.

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