Break ups, make ups... Or just some more fuck ups?

Im cutting right to the point. I dated this guy, and we had a lot of little problems. (Mostly him). He was always jealous of the fact that I was "always friendly" with other guys who I've known for years. He'd check my phone, delete things, get mad at texts messages that were from before we got together. He wouldn't let me post certain pictures & he made sure no one comments on them. Anyway, he broke up with me based off of assumption. He cheated because he thought I did.

With that being said, no matter how fucked up I was treated.. I can't just stop missing someone in a matter of seconds. I need help.


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  • Do you think that maybe you get attached to easily?

    • Save your heart for someone that deserves it. You're too good for that.

    • Yes I feel I get way too attached. I'm a hopeless romantic & I always see the good in people.

    • I know the feeling. Im the same way. I just try to distance myself. Cause if you push yourself away from people, you'll be able to see who really cares for you because they'll come back to you.

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